Tips For An Effective Glucose Testing At Home

glucose monitor

Now a days every house needs a glucose monitor at home to keep in check the glucose levels all the time. Our poor diets and lack of exercise has caused us a lot and getting suffered from diabetes is now very common in every household. Not only elderly but teenagers and kids are now also being affected by this disease. Hence it is extremely important to keep glucose monitor at home all the time to keep hold of your health in your own hands. Let us discuss some most important things to keep in mind while checking your glucose levels on daily basis and what are the do’s and don’ts to it.

Hygiene and sanitation

Always! Always wash your hands before holding the glucose monitor in your hands and make sure your dry them well with a clean towel to keep the monitor free from any germs. Insert a clean needle in the device and a fresh testing strip. Touch the tip of your finger to the needle end and click the button of the device to prick the needle into your finger. You will have a fresh drop of blood on your finger tip, touch the clean strip on the blood to test the glucose levels. Wipe off the extra blood on your finger with a clean gauze or tissue and then seal it with a band aid to prevent blood loss. Do not let your skin touch the needle as it can be infectious. Always make sure the strip bottle is closed tightly every time you take out a fresh strip to prevent any dirt or moisture going in or sticking to the strip causing any type of infection.

Make a routine

Always consult your doctor and establish a proper schedule for your glucose monitoring. He will tell you whether you need to get it checked before or after meals or just with breakfast and bedtime, every person has his/her own customized needs.

If you have a proper routine that you follow on daily basis than its equally important to keep record of your glucose testing strips. If they are expired or out dated than this will cause hindrance in accurate results and you may think that there is problem with your health. Always keep your drawer filled with fresh supply of glucose testing strips in order to get correct results and keep charge of your health.

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