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Guidelines For A Cinematic Wedding Videography

Winter is the season of weddings and events, every now and then the photographers are busy covering new events, people nowadays prefer to spend more on a photographer than the venue and rest, as these memories and the cinematic wedding photography lasts more than anything else.

Videography can be done for several events, it can be for a wedding, birthday party, bridal party, baby shower and also christening videography. People like to take videos more than photographs as the moments are more real through watching a video than seeing the photographs.

In order to take make the best videography during a winter wedding season one should follow few guidelines:

  • Visit the venue before the event and always have a plan B, usually we see that there’s a specific venue in our mind that we want but with the season changing we must be ready to change that into another plan or else we will end up having no location.
  • Meet the client/photographer, know both parties’ requirements and expectations and what they would suggest, as a bride you can let the photographer tell you their ideas and you can also let them know what’s in your mind and amend it accordingly.
  • Clear the confusion of the finances earlier, you don’t want to wait for that job to be dragged, let the bride/groom know about your charges and how much they need to give in advance.
  • Be ready for the tasks, videography means you need more battery life and better equipment for lighting, know what all equipment you need in order to create the magical videos so that you are not stuck not knowing what to do!
  • People care about details, the flower bouquets, the bride’s dress and a zoomed in picture of the rings all these tiny details matter for them, focus on these things more.
  • Be different while taking shots, try new angles as you want to be different than other ordinary photographers and that’s how you will stand out in the crowd.
  • Sometimes the couple is camera shy, it’s your job as a photographer to break the ice, make them more comfortable and let them pose and express in order to make their big day videos turn out to be a memorable one rather than something they would despise.
  • Also note that you must know the couple’s extra requirements, some people need the video in a DVD, some are ok through email and some need it via applications, so make sure before the wedding what are their requirements and work accordingly.

Wedding season can be a chance for photographers to know more about their skills and talent, as with practice you tend to learn more about a skill for more information click here.