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Why Use Water-filled Barriers For Protection?




High-visibility safety water filled barriers that are typically used to shield people from stationary bikes, vehicles, and vans. These strong plastic barriers offer a stable and dependable safety solution that is quick and easy to set up. For a variety of site tasks, shore hire offers a wide selection of water-filled safety barrier items for sale. Whether you need a pedestrian barrier or a road barrier, we have everything you need. Plastic water-filled safety barriers are relatively light and portable, making them simple to carry and set up. Sand or water can be used to fill them, guaranteeing the barrier won’t move from its position. We also offer heavy-duty barriers that were made with HVGs in mind. These can be used on logistical or construction sites where lane demarcation is required, as well as anywhere else where a solid barrier is needed between cars and people.  

When to Use Barriers with Water  

Every organization should place the highest premium on maximizing worker safety. It’s crucial to choose equipment that is both safe and practical for work sites and construction sites. Australia-wide, water-filled barriers have shown to be a fantastic solution with few to no drawbacks and a wide range of applications, including:  

  • Crowd control  
  • Using heavy-duty barriers to highlight work locations 
  • defining highway exits 
  • rerouting traffic 
  • ensuring event safety  

Why using water barriers is safer 

Water filled barriers are intended to absorb impact rather than deflect it or just act as a visible barrier. Companies that decided against utilizing plastic barriers instead used witches cones or water barrels with safety in mind. These techniques for securing the roadside have risks of their own. For obvious reasons, there is just a visual barrier between a car flying into a barrel of water and a barrel of water, and there is virtually no security at all around witch’s cones. It would be useless to try to employ witches cones for crowd management; while they are useful in some situations, they are not exactly a superior replacement. It might get tiresome to fight against vandalism at construction and labor sites all the time. Witches cones are simple to take and moving and draining barrels are simple.  To prevent theft and vandalism, water-filled barriers are equipped with an anti-tamper plug.  

During construction, strengthening driveways using steel plates 

Due to their heavy-duty nature, steel plate driveways are perfect for fortifying driveways while they are being built. Due to the weight of steel road plates, they can withstand the force of hundreds of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and heavy equipment, passing over them during construction. They also come with excellent safety features, as many road plates are made with anti-skid coatings. For example, at the site’s driveway at the end of each workday, hinged steel road plates enable regular access across them as well as quick access to an excavation. They are simple to deploy and simple to install. For more info, please log on to