Why Knife Gate Valves Are Necessary?

A component known as a knife gate valve makes use of a blade to clear heavy liquid obstructions. These valves were made to work in some of the harshest, ugliest, and corrosive environments in the world. Knife gate valves initially found their way into the pulp and paper sector. The wedge and seat of a typical gate valve would become clogged with stringy pulp, making flow control impossible. Knife gate valves should be used with caution because their sharp edge can cut through pulp and break the seal. How a Knife Gate Valve Works Due to their highly effective design features, knife gate valves are extremely useful in systems containing adhesive fluids, sludge, and other systems where impacts are a concern. Due to their large diameter, knife gate valves are currently used in many processing plants to handle thick streams of wastewater, pulp, paint, sludge, heavy oil and light oil….